Gautam Mittal

I am currently a founding engineer and researcher at Contextual AI. We are building enterprise-grade AI with retrieval-augmented foundation models. I work on the research team where I focus on large-scale training, benchmarking, algorithms, data, and infrastructure for our language models and retrieval systems.

Previously, I worked on vision foundation models at Tesla AI, music generation at Google Brain, learned query optimizers and SkyPilot at the Berkeley Sky Computing Lab (formerly known as the RISE Lab), payment products at Stripe, and machine learning at Edmodo.

I graduated from Stanford, where I studied foundation models and jazz improvisation with amazing researchers and musicians. Before that, I studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley and spent lots of time walking up hills and organizing hackathons with Cal Hacks.

I am interested in deep learning, cooking, systems, computer- and human-generated art, jazz performance, bicycles, and the past and future of technology.